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The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) is the membership and trade association for the technology community in Northern Virginia. As the largest technology council in the nation, NVTC serves about 1,000 companies and organizations, including businesses from all sectors of the technology industry, service providers, universities, foreign embassies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Through its member companies, NVTC represents about 300,000 employees in the region.

  • Over 150 networking and educational events per year;
  • Comprehensive member benefit services;
  • Public policy advocacy on a broad range of technology issues at the state and regional levels, with involvement in federal issues as they relate to workforce and education concerns;
  • Community service opportunities through active involvement in community projects and philanthropy through the Equal Footing Foundation.

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RichTech, Richmond’s Technology Council, is a member-driven association of businesses and organizations working together to ensure the continued growth of central Virginia’s dynamic technology-based economy. RichTech supports the growth of existing technology industries and identifies Greater Richmond as the location of choice for new and emerging technology companies.

  • Hosts more than 60 events annually, connecting business with local providers, introducing new faces to the community and helping members build their brand through networking and exposure.
  • Provides free access to a variety of forums from industry and business growth to individualized career development.
  • Recognizes members’ successes and excellence in technology while working with other regional organizations to attract jobs and talent.
  • Works with regional and statewide Elected Officials to ensure Virginia remains business technology friendly and safeguards central Virginia’s long term goal as a vibrant tech community.
  • Acts as a catalyst to promote, support and collaborate with other area tech groups and Councils across the Commonwealth expanding member benefits beyond the region.

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Technology Hampton Roads is a member-based association of technology organizations and technology resource companies that network to connect purchasers and providers, locate and build synergistic relationships, and collaborate on various topics, initiatives, and programs in an effort to advance technology in Hampton Roads – one day making Hampton Roads a national leader in innovative companies, innovative individuals, and innovative thought.

  • Providing educational programs, networking opportunities, and industry information to the region's high-tech companies
  • Linking Hampton Roads' technology businesses with investors, legislators, educators, support organizations, and other critical resources
  • Communicating to drive visibility and awareness of the council, its members and the region
  • Developing programs geared towards technology minded students to aid in their successful transition to the workforce.
  • Working with economic development organizations to attract established high-tech firms to Hampton Roads
  • Representing the interests of the region's high-tech industrial base to local and state legislators
  • Promoting regional implementation of technology to increase the number, growth rate, and competitiveness of Hampton Roads' high-tech companies


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The Shenandoah Valley Technology Council (SVTC) is a non-profit membership organization serving the greater Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Its members are creators and users of technology who gather together for education, networking and business development. By helping technology businesses in the area succeed and grow, the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council is an integral component of the region, helping to bring high-paying technology jobs to the Valley.

  • Opportunities to network with technology leaders to find solutions to your business problems
  • Opportunity to further your education and business knowledge through SVTC-sponsored programs
  • Ability to network with legislators and government officials during SVTC's annual legislative event
  • Up-to-date information about the Virginia technology community, state programs, and funding sources
  • An opportunity to get to know other members and learn about their services, and for other committee members to learn about you and your services by serving on any of several SVTC committees
  • An opportunity to mentor "younger" business owners or managers or to be mentored by seasoned professionals to help your business get to the next level

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The Roanoke – Blacksburg Technology Council is the leading resource for the region’s growth and success. The RBTC exists to connect and unite the region’s technology community, develop and educate thought-leaders, mentors and the technology workforce, and improve access to talent. We are a team of innovators, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and tech company champions. Together, we have one common goal: helping our region's technology community grow and succeed. We promise to always support, foster and promote technology in the Roanoke - Blacksburg region.

As Roanoke – Blacksburg’s premier professional association, the RBTC has become the essential business resource for entrepreneurs and technology companies seeking to achieve greater success. The RBTC is a non-profit member-driven association of businesses and organizations in the greater Roanoke - Blacksburg region, working together to promote the growth and success of the region's technology sector. Our membership includes more than 225 organizations from the smallest, emerging technology firms to some of the largest employers in the region. The RBTC is building a technology community that is a catalyst for innovation, inspiration, success, and leadership within our region.

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 The Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) will be the conduit and driver of productive collaboration amongst the various segments of the Charlottesville region's technology community, to promote a supportive infrastructure, and will advocate for and celebrate a robust, sustainable technology-based economy. Intelligent and talented people enjoy getting together to socialize, collaborate, share ideas and form professional relationships, which is a vital component of attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce. That's why the Council organizes afterhours, and other educational and social activities designed specifically for the entrepreneurial and high-tech community. CBIC hosts numerous educational events and workshops each year, specifically intended for those who work in the high-tech and tech entrepreneurial community. The operational needs of technology-based companies and entrepreneurs can be very different from those of traditional industries. Consequently, the Council serves as the tech industry's advocate, voicing concerns and educating and informing local and state officials about the unique requirements of high-tech businesses and the issues that affect them. It takes the right people and critical mass to drive a high-tech economy. By working in partnership with local businesses and our area's educational institutions, the Council helps ensure that the area’s workforce has the appropriate curriculum, training, skills and resources to support future growth in key technology segments such as the area’s burgeoning biotechnology sector. CBIC's Tech Tour is a part of this endeavor by cultivating the next generation high-tech work force.  

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The Southern Piedmont Technology Council (SPTC) is a member based organization consisting of technology companies and advocates from Southern Virginia.  The Southern Virginia Economic Development Partnership formed the SPTC in 1998. Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology provided seed funding and continues to be a major source of funding for us. Since the inception, the SPTC has been an advocate and voice in stressing the importance of the need for the region to invest in technology. We have focused on serving technology-related needs of the public and private sector, and on raising the awareness to enable the region to accommodate the changing way of doing business, and also to evolve with it. Through our networking meetings, conferences and banquets, we have aimed at building on our membership base, educating the community, facilitating discussion with, and increasing Southern Piedmont's exposure to other parts of Virginia. Our service range encompasses Patrick, Henry, Franklin, Pittsylvania, Halifax and Mecklenburg counties and the cities of Danville and Martinsville.


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Lynchburg Region’s Technology Council focuses on technology businesses, STEM education, and technology entrepreneurship in the 2000 square miles that surround Lynchburg, Virginia.  Through a unique partnership of distinct organizations, and in concert with the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, the LRTC provides a centralized vision to provide leadership for regional technology initiatives.  The Technology Council’s mission is to serve as regional connector, catalyst and advocate for a dynamic technology workforce, innovative business environment and collaborative community culture. The vision is that the greater Lynchburg area will be a thriving community with a flourishing technology and innovation-based ecosystem.  The region has a diverse mix of technology companies with very strong forecasts for growth. Primary technology sectors include energy, wireless, engineering, information technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceutical.  In addition to these technology sectors, the region is proud to be the home to several colleges and universities with strong technical programs. The LRTC is working hard to build a community of people and organizations that want to partner with us to accomplish our mission-based tasks:

  • Facilitate the growth of services within the region that support tech-focused innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Create an environment and sustainable programs in the region’s K-12 schools that enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math career interest
  • Provide a forum in which technology-focused organizations can exchange ideas and information, and capitalize on business opportunities
  • Deliver programs and services that promote the recognition of and provide substantial value to the region
  • Participate in activities that drive visibility and awareness of the Tech Council, and the region to other regions within the state
  • Serve as an advocate for the Region on a broad range of technology issues at the local and state level
  • Provide assistance to local economic developers in the recruitment of new technology companies, technology park implementation efforts, and the development of programs that enhance services to existing companies

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FredTech, an affiliate of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, supports, enhances, educates, and attracts technology businesses to the region. This affiliation affords Chamber members another member benefit by giving them an opportunity to become involved with the Technology and Innovation Council. As the voice of technology, FredTech takes an active role in regional business affairs and the local community to promote the region as a recognized center for technology. Technology is impacting the way the Fredericksburg Region's business community works.

  • STEM Initiatives: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics – Support for teachers and students
  • Continue to facilitate discussions between our educational institutions and regional technology businesses to ensure that educational needs are being met.
  • Continue Educational Breakfast Series & Briefing Tours formats and provide other networking opportunities
  • Expanding our membership
  • Focus on Innovation in the area

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