Virginia's first Datathon premiered at the 17th Annual COVIT's convention. Six innovated Virginia agencies had only 48 hours to construct an application utilizing Open Data. Each team's application can help Virginians by accessing one portal, which can provide copious amounts of information from multiple sources. 



                                                                                                        Photos courtesy of Charlie Reilly, VITA

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DEQ's Enviro-mentals, are the judge's choice winners!

 Utilizing open data, DEQ's application creates multiple overlays to map Virginia's waterways. This allows for fisherman, recreational boaters, and travelers to view water conditions in the area they choose. This app provides tide predictions, estuaries, bay floor contours, DGIF boat ramps, hospital locations, and many more amazing features. Just by clicking on an area will provide accurate water and weather conditions of that area. This application allows for Virginians to prepare and plan for a safe boating adventure while embracing the  meaning "Virginia is for Lovers"!

Enviro-mentals App. Virginia's Waterways Trip Planner


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VDOT's Sic Semper Data, are the crowd's choice winners!

VDOT's application explains why Virginia will be the #1 IT state in the country. Their application gives multiple venues of information throughout the state of Virginia. The new application displays IT jobs, colleges/universities, and allows for employers to search for employees. This application prevents users from having to do lengthy research from multiple websites to gain the information they seek. Instead it condenses all of the information into one central hub. Allowing for anyone to utilize this easy and extremely useful tool.

Sic Semper Data's App. TechCenter Virginia


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VITA's The Dataholics, are the crowd's choice runner-ups! 

VITA's application maps SWAM (Small, Women, and Minority-owned) businesses, provides documentation of state spending and potential spending on SWAM businesses.  With further development this application will allow for state agencies to pick and choose which SWAM vendors they would like to purchase from with ease, creating a stronger and healthier local economy for Virginians. 


ABC's Taxpayers Delight

ABC's application is an outstanding comparison tool. This application calculates various types of data that allows the user to compare them with different cities and counties in Virginia. The application provides populations, student to teacher ratios, vehicle registration, crime activity, and many other useful calculations. This application can also provide the past history of an area, that allows for a user to see what direction a city or county is heading in. 

Taxpayers Delight App. My Virginia


VDOC's Offenders Amenders

VDOC's application is a simple, yet an extremely useful tool. This application provides information based on what college or university you choose, what major you select, and what job field you are interested in. This input will provide enrollment numbers, the average cost per year, and the starting and median salary ranges of the job field of your choice. This application shows the average unemployment rate, risk, and return on investment of that job field. This allows users to quickly research basic information on numerous amounts of colleges and universities within a couple of seconds.


DMV's Data Drivers

DMV's application shows which counties and cities are in demand for employees with CDL, CNA, or CPR certifications. This application also displays the unemployment rate for each county and city in Virginia. This is just the beginning for those that are seeking employment in Virginia. With the possibility of expansion, this application could be a central GUI interface for those who are seeking jobs in Virginia. 

Data Drivers App. iEmployVA